DMCA Horror Stories

By Matthew Fernandez

A company called 5BP Games filed a takedown when I gave a negative review on an anime called Corpse Party Tortured Souls. Even though I had been well within fair use, they think they have the right to prohibit me from using their footage. I was also making a review for a movie called Cool cat saves the kids when Derek savage said he would be releasing personal info. I now have to live in fear of what would happen if I release the video. I want to live in a world were we can all live in a world that gives us freedom. Not a world were we are forced to say what business companies restrict us and lock us in the chains of censorship.

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Takedown abuse has gone too far.

For years, huge companies like Sony, Disney, and Comcast have been abusing the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) to take down enormous swaths of online content, using automated software that ignores Fair Use rights and frequently misidentifies music and videos as copyrighted. Despite the fact that the system is already weighted in their favor, these companies are arguing that the DMCA doesn’t go far enough to give them control over online content. It's time to fight back against takedown abuse!

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