DMCA Horror Stories

By VB: The Truth-Seeker

I run a small Youtube channel with less than 50 subscribers. Less than 50 and I’ve still received 2 content ID claims. The first was from Nintendo. I talked about their E3 2015 press conference, and they claimed it for a clip I used (one they provided on the internet). I filed a response and it was refuted. No reason, no human interaction, no good explanation, even though my use of the clip was transformative. I didn’t want to go further to receive a strike. Then, I received a claim for my Lord of the Rings: Two Towers Review literally SECONDS after I posted it. SECONDS! Now ads appear on the video on my channel which I really want to be ad - free! I used a clip to describe a scene from the movie, but apparently, that meant stealing content and stopping people from watching the movie which I told my viewers to watch. Anyway, that’s my story. It’s not as bad as many of the other content creators, but I’m surprised that huge companies care enough to give a channel with 39 subscribers(at the moment) ID claims.

Nintendo rejection

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Takedown abuse has gone too far.

For years, huge companies like Sony, Disney, and Comcast have been abusing the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) to take down enormous swaths of online content, using automated software that ignores Fair Use rights and frequently misidentifies music and videos as copyrighted. Despite the fact that the system is already weighted in their favor, these companies are arguing that the DMCA doesn’t go far enough to give them control over online content. It's time to fight back against takedown abuse!

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